Posted on: May 6, 2008 7:25 pm

DETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like the 2 playoff teams from detroit are hitting their stride at a perfect time.

The pistons get win #2 with a little help from a phantom(homer) 3 pointer and the Wings are rested and ready to take Dallas.

Pistons MUST play 4 quarters a night to win it all, and Flip is starting to use his bench like he did in the season, this keeps everybody hungry for minutes and should help them through those dry spells they have grow accustom to in the past. The young guys seem to have a little bit of the BAD BOYS swagger to their game (Dumars influence?)

Wings have gotten over the old age syndrome and have a wonderfull mix of age and youth, and Osgood seems to have found his fountain of youth himself.

my picks


Wings in 5

next up BOSTON and Pittsburg(sydney c and the boys)  

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Posted on: April 24, 2008 9:11 am

Oh my Blog, Tigers are competitive!!!!!!!!!

I am starting to feel comfortable with the Tigers, I can't say I am tickled with Leylands move of Cabrera to 1st and Carlos to 3rd, but at least he is still in charge and not afraid to ruffle a feather or 2 to get this team competitive. I would prefer to see Inge at 3rd, Cabrera in left, with Carlos at 1st. Thames can give carlos and Cabrera a break, and every once in a while throw jones a bone in left and right for Mags when he needs a break.

This is my first blog and I want to really make it interesting and give a freash point of view on subjects that interest me and seem to get everybody riled up lats hope i do this.

Man those growth hormones really do age a guy! tajada has already lost 2 yrs. does that make Bonds 65 or 66 years old now?

Hey Pistons!!!! You've got to bust your ass each night to win, you're not That GOOD anymore.

Hate to say it I Love boston, Garnett MVP, Kobe 2nd

I can't wait to see who the Lions draft, Millen what you got up your butt(OOPS) I mean sleeve. this year.

got to go I'm on the clock.   

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